Help ! Isn't Opening Study Useful?

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savagechess2k #1 Jul 8, 2017
I just finished a Category B Open Tournament ( less than 1700 ). There was a boy born in 2008, finished with 8/9 ( lost only game by time , he was 3 pawns up ), and came second. he had +120~ ELO too. AND HE PLAYED THE VIENNA AGAINST EVERYTHING ! 1. e4 g6 2. Nc3 and white won in 22 moves. THIS IS ANNOYING AS HELL !! ONLY LEARN A SYSTEM FOR WHITE, ONE SICILIAN FOR BLACK ( KAN ) AGAINST E4, KID AGAINST ANYTHING ELSE AND GET 120 ELO ! ANNOYING. I Prepare for openings so hard, studying games, buying books, ( just spent €50 for two Grunfeld Books of Boris Avrukh last week ) Looking at novelties, But simple systems seems to win. HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS ??

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References: https://www.chess.com/forum/view/chess-o...ng-study-useful

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