This would also cut back on "how do I hack?

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Just keep having different tutorials for different things.
How to use a sniffer, record VoIP, maybe even how to identify and crack passwords..

I think if you want to make this site more active, you need to have tutorials on how to do everything involved with the site (and more).

Tutorials could unlock missions, which give points if you can complete them successfully. They would only be unlocked if you have x amount of points or do the tutorials. This would also cut back on "how do I hack?" threads.
Tutorials aren't all that bad, and it would really get the community going. Most people come to HTS wanting to learn, get told to look it up on the internet, lose all momentum, and quit. If they had tutorials that helped them out, they would probably have a much higher chance of sticking around.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References: https://www.hackthissite.org/forums/view...d09f1f19e07c1ab

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