what's up with the whole idling-on-irc thing?

in Samsung: Zubehör 10.08.2017 19:40
von JoeClark • 165 Beiträge

I don't like to miss an opportunity for a social experiment on irc. If it turns out to be needed then I'll register or let someone else register and set some ops.
But in my opinion, some of the best channels don't even need ops, even if ops exist almost no one knows who they are and it only gets used in case of emergency every few years or so. Maintaining a pleasant environment is more up to the users than to those that need to punish offenders.
limdis had a good idea to create a subforum for all of the user submitted challenges. So that is now done. If you guys create any kind of challenge or mission or freakin riddle or something,

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