Helping people.. but what about those darned rules?

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They're not doing that for themselves, they're doing that for the greater good of all the people here. I'm sure you can understand that when it comes to helping people.. but what about those darned rules?
They are used to govern this place and to make sure there's a certain order. Every place you'll ever go to has certain rules. It starts with the rules established in the law of your country. And depending on the place you go there are certain additional rules that you must follow, like dress nicely if you go to a fancy restaurant (try to get in with sandals and shorts and you know what I'm talking about.. I have firsthand experience in that area). To make an analogy.. this forum is another fancy place. There are many forums out there dedicated to DVD backups and video processing in general. This place has never aimed to become the biggest, in fact we're quite content not being the largest board out there. Our aim is to put quality over quantity. This is a high goal, and one we have to work to attain each and every day.

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RE: Helping people.. but what about those darned rules?

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