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Anyway, getting ready to order parts for a new build and will be using water cooling for the first time. Case is a Thermaltake V71, MB is an Asus x99 Pro/USB3.1, CPU is an i7-5820K, and CPU cooler will be a Corsair H100i GTX.

I intend to mount the radiator at the top of the case while leaving the factory 200mm fan above it. I believe that fan is setup to blow into the case though I guess you could flop it 180 to have it suck, but since there are filters for this fan I guess it makes more sense to have that fan blow into the case and have the 2x120mm fans on the H100i suck into the case. Seems reasonable to me, however...

At the front of the case are 2x200mm fans which I believe are also setup to blow into the case as they are also behind a filter. The only other stock fan is a 140mm exhaust fan at the back setup to suck air out of the case. I plan to use that spot for a GPU cooler radiator for the EVGA GTX 980 Ti Hydro so with that being the case the fan arrangement would be: front (2x200mm blowing into the case), top (1x200mm and 2x120mm blowing into the case) and rear (?).

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