New case for Watercooling

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I'm currently in the process over the next few weeks, 6 weeks, of upgrading my current setup and I was wondering if I should pickup a new case to go along with this?

My current case is an antect 1200 that I got sometime in 2010ish and its a great case that has held up, plenty of room and whatnot. I was looking to install a new fx-8370 cpu and wanted to water cool it and I'm unsure if there is enough room in the case to support it. At some point as well I was thinking of maybe watercooling the GPU block and thus space would be greatly needed.

Does anyone have a suggestions for a great case that can handle the watercooling or do you guys think the antect 1200 would be ok? Thanks for your reply guys and as far as my budget if its worth it I always value quality, so the high end would be $350ish.

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RE: New case for Watercooling

in Symbian OS 16.09.2017 13:02
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