Samsung Smart TV Remote just stopped fully functionning

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I just had a question about my SAMSUNG Smart TV. I've had it for the past couple of years.

The remote suddenly stopped working about an hour ago. I had used it a few hours ago. I could flick through channels, turn on to the Smart hub (which I only just discovered) and turn up the volume.

Now, I tried to press the Power button on and it did not work. I tried many times but it did not go on. I figured out how to turn the TV on on the bottom of the screen and change the channels. Then I noticed that only a few buttons work. The mute button works, as well as the button for the sound track. I can also press the 5 button which works, but I can't turn the Power button or the Channel or Volume buttons on from the remote, only from the TV itself.

I tried unplugging the tv. I wonder if its the batteries, but would it be that, if the mute button still works. I tried taking out the batteries and pressing a remote button, but still the same thing.

Has anybody experienced anything similar? Does anybody have any advice as to how to fix the remote? It's a bit odd as It was working at 2:00 but now at 6:00 it's defective. Any help?


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