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Experiencing a lot of homemakers, presence of small cockroaches live in the cracks of the walls, in the wood, under sinks, in cracks of tiles and other parts of the kitchen. Cockroaches have to the rest of the House if they are not eliminated, cause this bug very narrowly to the housewife, especially as they have used mostly all liquid pesticides walbodr but to no avail, and the housewife to use a spray to eliminate cockroaches, despite their high cost, which may materially stretches it. Offers for "home", a new way to get rid of roaches completely, at a lower cost, with the discovery of a drug called "max-force" and another called "Kombat", or materials in their composition, adores the cockroach this material and eats it, and when he returns to the nest to die, placing first the rest of the cockroaches, die in succession, thus guarantee the disappearance of cockroaches after only two weeks, and the gel is put in places with her cockroaches, closing all the cracks in this article because the cricket does not walk on the wide spaces, but walks next to walls or corners, because it's safer . In order to prevent the spread of roaches you must do the following: 1. store food in plastic bags closed. 2. clean all food. 3-cleaning leftovers from under refrigerators or stoves. 4. remove remnants of pet food, water and litter trays overnight. 5. put dirty diapers in closed bags on the litter box. 6. do not leave the utensils slop no laundry.
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